The Motto of the Phoenix Rising Coven & Sanctuary

Out of the ashes that are life's symbols of change...The Phoenix arises anew...

 Our Beginning                                                                                               

The Phoenix Rising Coven was created with three core concepts in mind.   

The first concept is offering classes and open gatherings; this was due to the need where people could receive knowledge through physical interaction with others on their chosen paths in the tri-city area.                                                The second concept was to have a safe environment to study and place  where persons could perform ritual workings by celebrating both Sabbats and the Esbats. And the third concept was to have the ability to have all members give back in the community, in a positive and caring way.

Thus, the Phoenix Rising Coven & Sanctuary, taking upon itself these daunting tasks, has assisted in creating these concepts for the general public. And, to this day, we continuously offer both physical and on-line classes, open gatherings and assistance to many charitable causes within our communities.


Our goal is to assist persons in learning more about Paganism; with eclectic Wicca in general. We also strive to remove the stigma associated to alternative religious and spiritual practices and beliefs; to facilitate the practice of the Wiccan practice in the form and manner considered most suitable by the members of this Coven while following the creed of 'An it Harm None - do as they Will.'


Our belief is that the term 'sanctuary'refers as a place to bring together those of like minds and provide a safe and supportive environment for all free religious expressions by Wiccans and other neo-pagans as stated in accordance the the term. We also strive within the sanctuary to identify, develop and train caring and competent clergy and ritual leaders to better assist in serving the community by means of the Phoenix Rising Coven & Sanctuary initiatory system. 


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Are there any like groups in the Flushing area? Also, please send me
Info on your classes
Thank you.

I am a college student at Oakland University and I have always had an interest in Paganism. I am an agnostic who has never been able to adhere to a biblical philosophy. At the age of 46 I have two young daughters and would like to be able to help them discover their own spiritual path. Also I am taking a religion course in which I am required to do a paper and presentation on a religion of my choice. I was hoping to meet with a pagan practitioner who would be willing to answer some of my questions and teach me at least a part of their philosophy. I have had trouble finding a service or meeting in which I could attend and observe (respectfully) or participate in a religious gathering. Can you help me? If not can you guide me to someone who is willing? Thank you for your time.

If you would like to contact me via text or phone, my cell number is: 248-515-0478.

Wishing you well, David Gullen

Amy!! You are so special indeed!! I can not wait to get a group of people together to have to over my home! I also had the pleasure of meeting you at a vendor event!

Dear Amy, I saw you today at the Soaring Eagle Casino and I wish I had spent a lot more time with you, you were amazing!! I am very interested in having a home party with you! As soon as I get some people committed to coming, I will contact you to set something up. Thanks again for a wonderful reading!

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The Coven's Structure

The Phoenix Rising Coven has three (3) tiers currently in our structure system to which has been in place and utilized since our inception. These tiers were put into place as it is our belief that a Coven is a spiritual family and any person(s) whom come into the sanctity shall be known well as a person and energy based. 

Tier 1 - Inner Coven members and Coven Council

Tier 2 - Coven Students and Levels 1 and 2 Initiates

Initiates are deemed as 

           - Seekers

          - Beginners

         - Level 1 Initiate

         - Level 2 Initiate

 Tier 3 - General Public, Students whom wish to expand their knowledge, friends of the Coven

Our initiation process begins with persons, called Seekers, in Tier 3 and following a course curriculum based on eclectic Wicca as taught by Coven members and Initiates. Should the Seeker then wish to go further with their studies, and show both an interest and understanding of the prior courses, they will then be given the opportunity to become Beginners; to which additional courses, hands-on training and participating in gatherings will be a part of the curriculum. 

Once a Beginner has advanced to the Level 1 Initiate they will then be a part of Tier 2 and will be given an invitation for initiation into the Coven at that time.

Tier 1 is reserved for Level 3 Initiates, Inner Coven Members and the Coven Council at this time.

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