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We proudly promote our many Friends and community businesses!                          Get a Reading, a Healing or attend a Class from one of the persons below by clicking on their name!

HEATHER WALLAKER                          Heather is available for Amethyst Rune Readings on-line, phone and parties! Heather also owns her own shop where she does beautifully hand-made crochet items!

THE 3 SISTERS SHOPPE                  

  An online store that  provides many items that range from the mundane to the magickal. 

CHANTELLE RIVETT HOSNER            Chantelle is available for Yoga and Readings!                                              

MELANIE JO KNIGHTS                   Melanie owns her own shop and provides many readings and services, including Young Living Oils and as a Representative

CANDACE HUBBLE                      Candace owns her own shop and provides many healing remedies, candles and more 

JILL BARTLETT                                     Jill is a reader, healer and animal communicator 

WOLF RUN WILDLIFE & SPIRITUAL SANCTUARY (WRWSS)                                            WRWSS is a non-profit organization that works within the community to promote and assist where it is needed 

FRANNIE BRUCE                                Fran provides many readings and services.