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Amy Sampsell                                                                                     Reader ~ Medium ~ Intuitive~ Eclectic Minister ~ Usui Reiki Master ~ Author

A licensed reader with over 20+ years experience that offers a no nonsense, honest answers that are posed within the readings.                                                                    She goes forth with an open belief that we are all in charge of making the changes in our own lives for the positive.                                                                                               She is adept at many forms of divination such as Tarot, Runes, Oracles, Scrying, Cowry Shells, Dominoes, Palmistry, Intuitive, Tea Leaves, Gypsy Stones and Auric practices. She is available for parties, personal readings and phone / video readings as well.

Also available, by appointments, at All Natural Healing Associates G-5521 S Saginaw St Flint, MI (810) 336-4435 for appointments

Event Prices (dependent upon Event)

Individual Prices (Physical and Online - currently)                                     $ 25.00 per hour / per person / per reading                                                            

Party Prices (currently)                                                                                   Group discounts are available when you book a Party or an Event with me!                           Prices below are dependent upon travel / distance                                                                     1-5 people                                                                                                                    20 minute reading are $ 10.00 per person                                                                     6 people or above                                                                                                           10 minute readings are $ 5.00 -$ 8.00 per person                                                                                                                                                                                          **Anyone wishing for a 1 hour reading at the time of the party, please schedule a time and readings will be $ 25.00                                                                                          *** Host / Hostess receives FREE READINGS all night no matter the amount of Guests!!

IN - DEPTH and PERSONAL CHARTS AVAILABLE                                 All Charts below are priced at $ 25.00 per chart / per person                              Palmistry Reports  ~ Natal Astrology Charts ~ Synastry (Mate Compatibility) Charts ~ Karmic Charts ~ Numerology Charts

Other Services Offered

House Blessings                     $ 100.00 minimum

Handfastings                          $ 100.00 minimum

Coming of Age Ceremony        $ 100.00 minimum

Weddings                                 $ 100.00 minimum

Banishing                                 $ 100.00 minimum

Funerals or Funerary Rites      Donations accepted

All services can be paid via PayPal at: paypal.me/PhoenixRisingCoven

Usui Reiki Courses

Shoden (Level I) 2 months meets weekly Price:  $ 50.00 per person

Okuden (Level II) 3 months meets weekly Price: $ 75.00 per person

  Shinpeden (Level III)  2 months meets weekly Price:  $ 125.00 per person

* Between Levels it is asked that you wait and continuously practice that particular degree of Reiki for a minimum of 2 months.  



We do offer a variety of other course at this time for those that wish it. We have a list of these classes within our Forum area for those that are interested. Please contact us for further information.


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