Our Offerings

Many of our Classes, Services and Readings can be held on-line (via Facebook Messenger chat), phone, email or other areas that persons find suitable. For more information, please contact us via Our Contact Form

In - Person Readings (Private)

Please call (989) 878-0754 to schedule an appointment 

$ 25.00 for 30 minutes / per person / per reading (price subject to travel)              


* Loose Rune Stones or Rune Cards   

* Scrying   

* Oracle Decks               

* Cowry Shells   

* Dominoes   

* Palms     

* Intuitive   

* Tea Leaves   

* Gypsy Stones   

* Auric / Aura                     

Also offered are-   

Spiritual Counseling                         donation based

Life Coaching Sessions                  $50 per person for 1 hr 30 mins

Natal Charts                                    $ 40 per person/chart

Wheel of the Year Tarot Spread       $ 35 for 1 hour

Home Blessings / Cleansing            $ 100 (minimum) for 1 hr 30 min

Business Blessings / Cleansing     $ 100 (minimum) for 1 hr 30 min.

Officiant for Ceremonies                  $ 100 minimum for 4 hr and up

Synastry (Compatability Charts       $ 25 per couple

Numerology Reports                       $ 25 per person/chart

Karmic Charts                                 $ 25 per person/chart

Soul Contracts                               #25 per person / per chart

Reiki Services/Sessions (humans and pets/animals                                                                                               $35 for 1st Session                                                                                            $25 for 2nd session                                                                                            $15 for 3rd session                                                                                            $10 for maintenance sessions                    

** All Charts are hand drawn and completed within 7 days


Phone / Online Readings   Please contact us for an appointment                All readings as listed above and the prices are $ 40.00 for 60 minutes which is per person / per reading                           

Payable via PayPal            PayPal.me/PhoenixRisingCoven                                                             

Private Party Prices                                                                           

* Group discounts are available when you book a Party or an Event with me!   Private Event Prices      (prices are dependent upon Event, travel and distance).   Time is 4 - 6 hrs. minimum

5 people (minimum)               15 minute reading are $ 5.00 per person            6 - 12 people                          10 minute readings are $ 3.00 per person        Other                                      Open to discussion 

**Anyone wishing for a 1 hour reading at the time of any party, please schedule a time and readings will be as listed prices above for either online / in person,                                     

 *** Host / Hostess receives FREE READINGS all night no matter the amount of Guests!!

Reiki Share Events   Offered for a small donation fee to our charities      Time will need to be no more than 4 hours minimum                                       

Other Services Offered

House Blessings                      $ 100.00 minimum

Handfastings                            $ 100.00 minimum

Coming of Age Ceremony       $ 100.00 minimum

Weddings                                 $ 100.00 minimum

Banishing                                 $ 100.00 minimum

Funerals or Funerary Rites      Donations accepted

All services can be paid via PayPal at: PayPal Link

Usui Reiki Courses

Shoden (Level I)   2 months meets weekly        $ 50.00 per person

Okuden (Level II) 3 months meets weekly         $ 75.00 per person

Shinpeden (Level III)  2 months meets weekly  $ 125.00 per person

* The prices above reflect the entire course to which is asked that it is paid in full prior to the class. It is also asked, that between the various Levels, that person wait and continuously practice that particular degree of Reiki for a minimum of 2 months.  Amy will be happy to meet you at most places to do your Certifications, simply inquire when scheduling.        

 Classes can be paid via PayPal at: PayPal Link




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We are proud to announce our workshops and classes!!.                  Time frames are listed, and we are more than happy to video chat with you via Facebook messenger if you wish.    Proceeds from these courses do benefit charity!                                   For more information, please pick the course you wish to begin and fill out the form below; we will contact you shortly!

ON-LINE                                   We are offering these courses below in our new virtual classroom. Each class/workshop will be offered for a flat fee and can be done over the course of the posted time frame.   During the course(s), homework is expected to be completed in a timely manner. Payments are non-refundable.                                               Accepted payments are:                    PayPal                                                    Checks (with a 7 day hold and $30 return fee)                                                                                                        The classes offered at this time are:

  1. Wicca Pre-Seeker             $15                                     6 week course 
  2.  Wicca Basics                     1 year and a day             $100 course                                                             
  3. Elements/Elementals          4 week course                 $10  
  4. Essential Oils                     5 week course                    $15                   
  5. Herb Workshop                $10
  6. Moon Workshop              $15                     
  7. Numerology                        6 week course                      $25 
  8. Pendulum Workshop      $20                      
  9. Runes Workshop                6 week course                $30 course       
  10. Astrology Basics                8 week course                   $40
  11. Astrology Intermediate         21 week course                   $60
  12. Astrology Advanced             15 week course                    $50

Requested Online Class and Payment

Online Classes and Payments

Phoenix Rising Coven Events

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We proudly promote our many Friends and community businesses!                          Get a Reading, a Healing or attend a Class from one of the persons below by clicking on their name!

HEATHER WALLAKER                          Heather is available for Amethyst Rune Readings on-line, phone and parties! Heather also owns her own shop where she does beautifully hand-made crochet items!

THE 3 SISTERS SHOPPE                  

  An online store that  provides many items that range from the mundane to the magickal. 

CHANTELLE RIVETT HOSNER            Chantelle is available for Yoga and Readings!                                              

MELANIE JO KNIGHTS                   Melanie owns her own shop and provides many readings and services, including Young Living Oils and as a Representative

CANDACE HUBBLE                      Candace owns her own shop and provides many healing remedies, candles and more 

JILL BARTLETT                                     Jill is a reader, healer and animal communicator 

WOLF RUN WILDLIFE & SPIRITUAL SANCTUARY (WRWSS)                                            WRWSS is a non-profit organization that works within the community to promote and assist where it is needed 

FRANNIE BRUCE                                Fran provides many readings and services.