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Ever have 'One of those days' ?

Ever have 'One of THOSE days'? Yeah, those days where you get up and then, from there,nothing seems to go right? It's a day where we just do not want to, cannot, and sometimes will not,... 'Adult'. 
Maybe you feel overwhelmed with all the tasks you need to do that day, maybe your feeling anxious about an event, maybe it's the people, or situations presenting themselves in your life right now.It can be any number of things and, when nothing goes right, we hit our wall. It's our literal breaking point and we shut down. Our copping skills, our tools that normally get us through our lives are simply ... gone. It's during these times that I find it hard to remember that maybe when these days happen, I need time to simply check out, lock down, decompress and be still for a bit. Why do I need to do this? Because if I don't, i cannot continue to be, or give, my best to the world. I think it's the universes way of saying, 'I warned you, gave you chances long before this, now your going to truly feel it and have no choice but to take a moment'. It's a moment where I am still, I think why things are not going right, where I ask myself what is happening (or has been happening) that I wasn't aware of? What do I react to and what can I change? Sometimes these moments may be a moment, an hour, a day, week or even a month. It depends on how much time I am willing to look and then change myself accordingly. So, if your feeling that your having one of those days, stop, decompress, be still and think what is it that I am not seeing or learning, and what can I change within myself for a better outcome. It might change your 'One of THOSE days' to 'One of those days 

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