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Much of the proceeds of that we personally raise while we are at these events go to the listed Charities that we support

**There will be other Events throughout the coming months so make sure to check back!


                           July 11, 2018 - July 14, 2019                                            Women's Retreat hosted by Phoenix Rising Coven

This is a Women Only event to allow for us to just be; to provide each a chance to relax and be surrounded by others in a serene and safe atmosphere.
*** We are limiting this event to 25 women only at this time. 

Payments accepted - PayPal, Credit and Checks (allow 7 days for processing)

*** Pre- Registration is required and paperwork is needed.
*** Payment can be made using check (7 day hold), money order or at PayPal at the link below: 


1 Day Pass
$ 15 per person
Can be on a Friday or Saturday only
Receive 1 Breakfast and / or 1 Dinner
Gift Bag
Access to the days events 

2 Day Pass                                                                                               $ 
25 per person
Will be Thurs night, Friday or Saturday 
2 Breakfasts 
2 Dinners 
Gift Bag
Access to Events 

4 Day Pass (Entire Weekend)                                                                      $ 65 per person
Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 
3 Breakfasts 
3 Dinners
Gift Bag
Access to all events

Available Accommodations 

  • Rustic Camping spaces

  • Tents, RV, trailers, car   * no electricity, * no generators, * no dumping

  •  Solar powered shower

  • Enclosed outhouse 

  • Walking trails

  • 10 acres of open space to roam

  • Wildlife

  • Fresh well water 

  • Communal Dishwashing area 

  • Communal Bonfire area

  • Communal Breakfast area

  • Communal Dinner area

  • Workshops

  • High Tea Ceremony

  • Wine & Cheese with some Workshops

  • Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Night Walk on property 

  • Herb Walk with Scavenger Hunt

  • Crafts

  • More !!

Contact for more information:

Amy Sampsell (989) 878-0754 or Heather Wallaker (989) 750-4479

To receive the Information and Registration packet - please email phoenixrisingcoven@gmail.com

Events / Gatherings


May 4   5:30 pm                                     Women's Empowerment 

May 9   10:00                                          Kraphol Comm. Center for Reiki Presentation

May 19  3:00 pm                                    Facebook Live w/ Fran & Amy


June 2   5:30 pm                                    Women's Empowerment

June 8   9:00 am                                   Kraphol Comm. Center Fair

June 23   TBD                                            PRC Litha Celebration







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