Crystal and Herb of the Month

Crystal of the Month


Ammolite is formed from Aragonites that are inside fossilized shells of Ammonites.

This brilliant rainbow colored fossil / crystal has the multitudes of colors from the spectrum. And, if you are a lover of the science of numbers, the Ammolite shell is a representation of the Fibonacci sequence, and the symbol of the golden mean spiral


Herb of the Month


This wonderful little herb is used for smudging spaces and objects as it is used to get rid of any unwanted negative energies, to ask spirits for help, for prosperity, protection and so much more. 



Tarot and Rune of the Month

Tarot Card of the Month


Upright: Completion, Achievement, Fulfillment, Sense of belonging, Wholeness and Harmony

Reversed: Lack of Closure, Lack of Achievement, Disillusioned, Emptiness


Rune of the Month


New Beginnings, Wealth, Persona Power, Prosperity, Strength, Young Love, Luck and Abundance, Recent Purchases, Freshness




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There are many wonderful and informative websites that can be found; however here we are just listing a few.

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