What We Offer

We are currently offering On-Line Classes via EasyClass - see information on right

Pre-Seeker Wicca                              6 week course    $15 for course

Wicca Basics                                   1 year and a day    $20 per block (Block A - D)

Elements & Elementals                      8 week course        $20 for course

Oils (Introduction & Usage)               5 week course      $15 for course

Herbs (understanding & Usage)         6 week course        $15 for course 

Moons (Introduction & Workings)      6 week course       $15 for course

Pendulum (Introduction & Workings) 4 week course       $15 for course

Numerology                                      10 week course     $40 for course

Runes                                                4 week course     $20 for course

Astrology Basics                                8 week course     $50 for course

Astrology Intermediate                      21 week course    $70 for course

Astrology Advanced                          16 week course    $60 for course




How to Sign Up for Courses Offered

Click below on 'Requested Online Class and Payment'.                                             Fill in your name and select the course you wish to sign up for from the drop down menu. Please make sure to add your correct email address before clicking on 'Send Email'                                       You can send payment for our Course via our PayPal.  or the PayPal button below.                                          Once your email, and payment, has been received, a reply will be sent from an Instructor as confirmation of your enrollment and payment. .                   You will then be given an access code to the course that you have signed up for.                                                   You can then sign up to EasyClass with this code to access your course.                                     You will have the time frame listed for duration of access of that course; once that time frame has ended, we will contact you for extensions of time.            Instructors will contact you periodically during the course to check on your status and progress. 

** Much of the payment collected for these courses go to charities, please note that all payments are  non-refundable.

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