The Motto of the Phoenix Rising Coven & Sanctuary

Out of the ashes that are life's symbols of change...The Phoenix arises anew...

 About Us

The Phoenix Rising Coven & Sanctuary (PRC&S) was founded in May of 2002, as an 'eclectic Wiccan coven' which has evolved into an eclectic Witch coven.

While still believing in the Wiccan Rede, it is recognized that magick is not black and white but gray; and defensive magick is sometimes required.

The three tenants of PRC&S are:                                                                     

  • To offer education on Witch practices, divination, and other metaphysical topics   
  • To give back to our local community through monetary, item, and time donations 
  • To offer gatherings and rituals locally and online to those individuals who are consistent and interested



Do you have questions? Please feel free to contact us via email at


The Rising Coven & Sanctuary has been structured into three tiers: Networking (Outer Tier)              Students (Middle Tier)                 Inner Coven (Inner Tier)
                                                       Networking is the Outer Tier where PRC&S connects with other pagans and groups

Students is the Middle Tier and it is for students to connect with other students and teachers

Inner Coven  is the Inner Tier and it is for the inner core of the coven, which includes the Board of Directors.

While PRC&S is not structured in the standard hierarchy system as most Covens or Groups may be, the structure that is followed here has allowed for growth and expansion worldwide and the chance to connect with many different groups and individuals; while maintaining our Coven's set motto and tenets.



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