Supporting Within the Community

We proudly support the many people, businesses and organizations within the Community! 

Get a Reading, a Healing, attend a Class or support the business or organizations from one of the persons below by clicking on their name!

  People within the Community

MELANIE JO KNIGHTS       Melanie owns her own shop and provides many readings and services, including Young Living Oils and as a Representative

FRANNIE BRUCE    Fran provides many holistic services, readings and much more!  All with grace, humility, honesty and kindness!

RACHELLE GEHMAN  Rachelle is a wonderful, kind and warm hearted soul that has authored a book, does a multitude of readings and will truly enlighten your life!

Stores / Shops

THE 3 SISTERS SHOPPE    An online store that  provides many items that range from the mundane to the magickal. 

MOTHER MOON    A physical and on-line shop that sells all things wonderous, magical and spiritual


WOLF RUN WILDLIFE & SPIRITUAL SANCTUARY (WRWSS)                       WRWSS is a non-profit organization that works within the community to promote and assist where it is needed

 PAGANS IN NEED (P.I.N)     Pagans In Need is a food pantry, located in Michigan, filled and maintained by Michigan Pagan Volunteers & supporters to meet the needs of those who might be turned away from other sources due to their professed religious orientation.

SANCTUARY of the WINDS   Not enough wonderful things can be said about this organization! The put on the Grand Rapids Pagan Pride Day Event every year, they also put on rituals and gatherings throughout the year, they give back to their community, and the list goes on!

Honorable Mentions

DONNA ROBERTS     Donna is a Reader, Psychic, Event Organizer, part of the Spirit Sisters group and so much more! She has a wonderful warm, caring nature and will help all who need it. 

CANDACE HUBBLE   Candace owns her own shop and provides many healing remedies, candles and more 

JILL BARTLETT    Jill is a reader, healer and animal communicator 


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Video # 3 Losing Ourselves and Our connection to Spirituality amidst life's chaos


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