Structure of the Phoenix Rising Coven & Sanctuary

Our Structure

As stated in the About Us Section, The Phoenix Rising Coven & Sanctuary currently has three (3) tiers that are currently in our structure system to which has been in place and utilized since our inception.

These tiers were put into place as it is our belief that a Coven is a Spiritual Family and any person(s) whom come into the sanctity shall be known well as a person and as an energy base.

Tier 1 - this is reserved for Level 3 Initiates, Inner Coven Members and the Coven Council at this time.

Tier 2 - Coven Students and Levels 1 and 2 Initiates

           - Seekers 

          - Level 1 Initiate

 Tier 3 - General Public, Students whom wish to expand their knowledge, and friends of the Coven

** Once a Beginner has advanced to the Level 1 Initiate they will then be given an opportunity to be a part of Tier 2. If they are approved for this tier, the person shall then be given an invitation for initiation into the Coven at that time.


Courses are offered through The Phoenix Rising Coven & Sanctuary 

We do offer many eclectic Pagan courses; however please understand that this path is an integral part of our daily lives and we believe that in order to truly learn, understand and appreciate it, it has to be lived daily.

So we ask that, if you are interested, that you:

- Email us with your interest  

- Be prepared to:                                                                                                  - answer questions                                                                                     - fill out paperwork                                                                                       - be financially responsible as the classes offered are monetary based                                                                                                                   - and finally, allow us to get to know you                                                    - Be prepared to be consistent and dedicated in your courses!

*** Please note that any persons that are deemed inconsistent in their studies or go against the 'harm none' basis, will immediately delete and, if actions are done by any person that is deemed illegal, we will report those persons to the proper authorities


Giving Back to Our Community

Over the years, Phoenix Rising Coven & Sanctuary has gathered, and then handed out many items needed within our community as we believe in being a part of our community in positive and meaningful ways. 

What we do:

  • - Give to local and global charities as well as many smaller non-profits that are also assisting in their communities   - Make and hand out clothes, winter gear and toiletries to the homeless        - Donate to local food pantry's and 'blessing' boxes                                      - Assist where we can within the needs of the community residents to the best of our ability


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