Value of Ourselves gives Value to Others

Value, its something that everyone deems as the 'price' of something; and if they feel it is too low, then the 'value' is not worth it.

But what about the way we value ourselves as well as others?

Why, at times, does their seem to be a conflict when we try to show ourselves value before others?

Do we truly even know our own value in life?

What about adding purpose into the mix?

How do we even begin to value ourselves?

How do we show it and how often?

Do we de-value ourselves when we feel guilty, manipulated, threatened, or are told to?

When we are living our day-to-day lives, we are often given many chances to give our lives value and purpose; however when we hand over that to others, get cocky, needy or ego based, we de-value ourselves instantly and, by doing so, others pick up on this energy and automatically de-value you as well.

What exactly does it mean to accept de-valuing of others?

It is when they know who you are, what you do / offer, and / or how much you care for others and then these folks may:

A. Do not talk to you first and just assume

B. Assume you dont / will not care about them or their situation

C. Assume that what you have to offer is less than what others offer

D. When you still inquire, they shut you down or out

E. tell you or assume you are less than adequate

Now, if you ever accept or feed into this energy or thought-form, you automatically de-value yourself.

People will sense this in you and many will take advantage of it and further feed the negative form you have already taken. It is destructive to both parties and can potentially lead to bigger issues such as a lower sense of self value, lower self esteem, and a lower understanding of your purpose in life. Understanding your purpose, which usually entails (somewhere in your journey), bettering yourself as well as others, as this is what your purpose is and what your value is to the world.

By undermining this or even allowing others to do so, is de-valuing you.

Do not allow others to make you feel like you have no value, do not feed into that thought / energy form. You have value, even if they act or assume you do not. You are unique as are your lessons, and that is also your value!


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